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About our Company

Ionion Luxury Boat Rentals is a new company in the field of tourism services and specifically in the maritime tourism and the provision of boat and pleasure boat rental services.

The company has an office at  the center of Sivota Thesprotia, in front of the picturesque harbor of Sivota, an area of unique and spectacular  natural beauty, where the green of the mountains of Epirus sinks into the arms of the enchanting aquamarine waters of the Ionian Sea. However, and in order to provide the perfect and high standard service to clients ,  sailing boats to be hired, as well  large speed boats can be picked up – returned at any point tha  customer  wishes upon request.

Additional and extremely high emphasis has been placed on the high level of service provided from initial contact with the representatives of Ionion until the completion of the charter and the return of one more satisfied customer.

Our Target

Our aim is to offer new boats, up to 5 years of age, for luxurious vacations, fully complying and meeting the needs of high-demanding customers. This can be from a simple accommodation  at sea on one of our sailing or high speed yachts without moving the boat instead of the traditional and typical stay in a hotel room. This can be done at any point chosen by the customer eg. the picturesque Sivota, the cosmopolitan Parga, the relaxing Paxos or the full of choices and always charming Corfu.

Therefore, whether you choose a boat without a license to explore  the Sivota area or the holidays with one of our sailing and high speed boats, luxury, comfort, safety and high quality services are the main advantage and the ultimate  goal of  Ionion Luxury Boat Rentals … .. Simply call us to experience it as you deserve.

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We respect the Environment

Respecting the environment and the natural resources we are doing our best and put daily effort apart from investing on new technology to avoid the burden of the natural environment on marine activities, in order to enjoy a durable experience in crystal blue green waters.

For that reason all  boats are equipped with engines of the latest anti-pollution technology, low emission and low-consumption, excellently maintained allow us to take pride in our company’s low energy footprint.


The main activity is sailing yachts / motor yachts. The boats that Ionion Luxury Boat Rentals have available for rental  are from 5 meters to 25 meters, small speedboats, inflatables, large speed boats and sailing boats.

We also have a large number of small high-speed boats, open type from 5 to 8 meters, and engines from 30HP to 150HP with which you can visit all the nearby beaches of Sivota, Parga, Paxos. All our boats are new or almost new.

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