Terms of Rent


1. No driving license is required to rent a boat under 30hp.

2. The boat  is inspected by the customer and receives it if its condition is satisfactory to the customer.

3. The boat is delivered full fuel and on delivery the customer pay for  the consumption after an on-site payment at the headquarters of the company.

4. The boat is insured for personal injuries and material damage resulting from a collision at sea with third parties. Not any personal loss is compensated.

5. Ionion Luxury Boat Rentals has no responsibility for the loss or damage to the property of the client during the rental period.

6.  In case the client is accompanied by companion animals he/she should inform Ionion Luxury Boat Rentals personnel to provide life jackets as well as limitations. The cleaning of the boat is charged to the customer. Insurance does not cover any loss or injury to companion animals.

7. With regard to Motor Yacht or Sailing Yacht rental, terms and charter terms are provided by contacting the company.

8. In the case of renting a vessel over 7 meters, the lessee pays a guarantee (by agreement and depending on the type of vessel), unless the lease is made with a selection crew of Ionion Luxury Boat Rentals.

9. In the event of a reservation, the customer is required to appear 30 minutes before the scheduled time of pick-up. In another case, the reservation is canceled.

Customer agrees and accepts

Accept Terms

1. To deliver the boat to Ionion Luxury Boat Rentals at the pick-up point or point of sale (subject to agreement), in the condition that it has received any damage that will cause the ship to be in bad handling or negligence, it shall be borne entirely by the customer.

2. To deliver the boat before sunset, early return does not entitle the customer to a refund claim.

3. The boat  only wishes to be reserved for all persons authorized by the vessel’s license and is indicated under the responsibility of the lessee on the rental attestation.

4. Do not allow any of the persons who are on board during the rental to operate the boat. It takes all protection measures and communicates directly with the lessor for any problems encountered when using the boat. Receives instructions for using the board in a language that he understands (English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian).

5. The maximum removal of the boat from the shore shall not exceed 3NM and shall be in accordance with the instructions of Ionion Luxury Boat Rentals. (Regarding boat rentals that do not require a pilot license).

6. In the event of loss of equipment or malfunctions (except for emergency use), the lessee is liable and liable for the full compensation of Ionion Luxury Boat Rentals for the replacement of the above, as well as any fees and charges will arise.